The Shake It Weight Management Program



An easy to follow, scientifically advanced, weight loss management program, proven to be both safe and effective.




Incorporating a healthy & satisfying eating plan combined with moderate exercise to help you easily and quickly shed some 2kg per week whilst improving energy & preserving muscle mass.


We will help you every step of the way to creating the happiest healthiest version of YOU possible.


How Does It Work?


The program restricts sugars, high GI carbs and increases protein, which may improve fat burning, weight loss and help maintain lean body composition.


A low carb diet can help to maintain blood sugar levels within the normal ranges as well as improve fat burning and reduce fat storage.



So "Why follow the Shake it Program"?


1. Proven and Sustained Weight Loss


Practitioner advice to overcome obstacles to weight loss, tailored to your individual requirements, based on latest science and evidence.


2. Simple to Follow & Convenient


Lots of healthy food to develop good eating habits, Keto stixs to measure ketones this is a very exciting thing to see each day and drives you to success as its an indictor of fat metabolism or burning!

Meal plans, website and recipe book included.


3. Great Tasting Supplements to Make it Easy


Shakes, soup & bars in a range of flavors.

Detoxification support to combat those slumps in metabolism sometimes seen in long term weight loss issues.


4. Weight Loss & Emotional Support come Together


Emotional barriers to inhibiting weight loss can be identified & gently diffused during weekly 60min kinesiology sessions.

Being in control of your habits, thoughts and feelings can dramatically increase weight loss goals as confidence grows and self-love flows back into your being.


5. Health Insurance Rebates

Please contact your provider to see if they cover this program or visit for more details


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