The level of pressure & expectations on our Teenagers has never been as high as it is today.Teenagers are bombarded with information & choice overload from every direction!


Our brains are not wired for this lifestyle and this is a major contributing factor in the stress, depression & feelings of frustration we are seeing today across the board in our teenagers.



Facebook research suggests that teens look at their phones on average 150 times plus per day!!


Stress is only processed one way within the body, this is to produce cortisol (a natural anti-inflammatory hormone) to cope with the situation at hand and then come back into some level of balance or homeostasis again. 


The problem is; the stress nevers goes away and thus we are unable to get back into that balanced state.


Now we are heading into trouble as the bodies ability to maintain this state is eventually depleted, along with vital nutrients that allow these processes to occur.


Help is sometimes required for these youngsters to allow them a sense of relief from all the pressures life is constantly throwing them; by replensihing lost nutrients & diffusing neurological stress they can take 5, regroup, breath and relax again.


Why book a session for your Teenager

1.Nutritional Stratagies 101


Our body requires specific nutrients to function correctly, its as simple as that; if we are eating nutrient deficient foods and drinks we are depleted! We simply can not complete our basic physiological functions with easy and this contributes to internal stress. Finding ways to simply and effectly improve diet is important for health & happiness. 




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