Naturopathic Student Mentoring Program



At "Your Body Stress Solutions" we support our up & coming Naturopaths as valuable assets for the future health & wellbeing of all Australians; as such we offer student mentoring services both in person and via skype which allows 3rd/4th year students important one on one time with a practising clinician in a positive clinical setting away from the college to connect with clients, discuss case studies, observe sessions.


Reception skills are also a very fundamental part of the overall package; we teach our students to build up reception skills using Cliniko Medical Software as well as meet & greet new & exsisting clients to our clinic.


Students are required to complete specific amounts of hours in their training and thus we offer low cost sessions to the general public for new clients to fufill these requirements.


If you would like to book a session with a student or if you are a student wanting to become part of our mentoring program; please phone 0413913127 or email and find out more.



Our Students

Clarissa Niland

Bachelor Naturopathy

"Lauretta is an amazing mentor. She has extensive knowledge, skill & attention to detail, and has an exceptional ability to educate & explain concepts. She is kind and caring, and I have really felt she honestly has made every effort to make sure that I am getting the most out of my mentoring experience with her. I am loving the time I have spent with her so far and have learnt a great deal already. I highly recommend Lauretta as a mentor".

Irene Keusch

Bachelor Naturopathy & Western Herbal Medicine

"I had the opportunity to complete some of my clinical practice requirement for my "adv. Dip Naturopathy in Lauretta's modern & stunning clinic; Your Body Stress Solutions. Lauretta's mentor skills are exceptional, she is very loving, caring and a fun & educational mentor. Her extensive knowledge and passion for natural health shines through her easy to understand explanations. Her approach to physical & mental health care is highly effective & recognised & appreciated by her clients. I highly recommend Lauretta to any student that needs to complete their clinical hours in naturopathy".

Linda Neuman

Bachelor Naturopathy

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