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Nourish, Learn, love, grow & Let Go


Knowing others is intelligence; Knowing yourself is true wisdom.

Mastering others is strength; Mastering yourself is true power.

Lao Tzu


Its true that there is a fine line between love & hate but if we are in it for the long hall all great stories have bumpy & sometimes dark chapters before finding the right track again.


When things arent going so well its a good idea to take a look at ourselves and just think about what it is we are really trying to say? Maybe we just dont know what is wrong, or even where to begin to fix a situation no matter who may seem at fault.


Our sessions help you to uncover the true cause of discontent in your life; with our non-invasive techniques which leave you feeling impowered and grounded again.


Learn how to communicate without anger, frustration or emotions taking over; learn how to get a great result with love as the intended outcome no matter what direction you are going in.


Interestingly nutrients, exercise, sun, fun and diet play a huge role in how we feel on the inside which often impact on our relationships, simply taking a look at those important but seemlingly insignificant things may be key to stress related issues in our lives.


No matter what the outcome is you are looking for, we are here to help you uncover the path of least resistance; to help you discover true health and true happiness in your life.


How does it work?


Our sessions are individual; each person will require a separate appointment. Our initial consultation will be 90mins and look indepth at all aspects of your life (with your permission) your wants & desires are very important not only your physcial requirements.


Helping you to identify often misunderstood emotions which lead to relationship tension can make all the difference to your future happiness in all aspects of your life.


I often ask clients "If you could change 1 (one) thing in your life right now, what would it be?" this question is very powerful; this is the door to the real stress & tension.


Our dreams are so important to us all, but often get brushed aside due to financial constraints, family life, work or health related issues to name a few, leaving us feeling unappreciated, doubtful and disgruntled.


What is exciting is to learn that things do not have to stay the same, there are so many ways in which we can achieve our dreams (no matter how big or small) and the only thing standing in our way is our own thoughts and perceptions.


Are you ready to discover your true potential, true happiness and a real sense of self awarness which leaves you feeling grounded, confident and loving?


Choose YOU and move forward in life, your relationships and live your dreams for a happy bright future.



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