Nature has provided us with all the answers we just need to look in the right places.



Your Body Stress Solutions unique complimentary system helps to uncover underlying stress & illness.


Nutritional, physcial & emotional imbalances including heavy metal toxcities, nutritional deficiencies, gut microbiome dysregulation and chronic stress states as well as lifestyle & diet misunderstanding may be creating a state of ill-health in your body & mind.


Would you like long term solutions?



Do you need more energy and/or increased mental clarity?


If you have you long suffered with an unexplained illness/disorder or discomfort then "Your Body Stress Solutions" is for you; our service incorporates stress solutions, nutrition and emotional wellness for an all over; overhaul!


Our ancestral diet has changed so rapidily during the last 100 years (which may seem like awhile but its just a drop in the ocean as far as our evolution is concerned) that we have seen western civilisation give rise to chronic disease in which we have never before seen. 


Initial Consultations


Our initial sessions are 90 minutes which allows for indepth discussions about your personal health goals, family/past history, diet & other relevant information, physical analysis which includes phenolic testing for heavy metal toxicity & food sensitivities as well as nutrient, essential fatty acid or other nutritional/chemical substances your body may be reacting to plus a mini kinesiology session which will leave you feeling relaxed & clear about the process of muscle biofeedback, its vital role in functional medicine, its importance in neurological health, memory and understanding ourselves for a positive happy life.


Follow up Consultations


Generally our subsequent sessions are 60 minutes, however we do have 30 minutes sessions available.

Initial Consultation 90 minutes
Follow-up Consultation
Adult 60 minutes
Adult 30 minutes
Teenager (High school) 60 minutes
Child (Primary school) 45 minutes


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Private Health Cover
Yes our treatments are covered by private health funds, please check with your provider. 




Want to stay on track with your health goals & maintain theraputic dosages without compromising on quality or effectiveness?


Hosting a dispensary of high quality practitioner only products, clients are able to restock prescriptions at anytime by booking a FREE "Script Refill" session online (hit the Book Now button below).  


Prescribing less


Due to the intergrated knowledge of both Naturopathic Medicine & Kinesiology Muscle Biofeedback we are able to prescribe less supplements.


We pride ourselves on our ability to identify causes of stress patterns which become physical after issues have gone unnoticed over a long periods of time.


With knowledge of Western Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Acupressure, Iridology, Hair, Nail & Tongue analysis plus Neuro-vascular pulsing, Neuro-lymphatic massage, Essences and clinical testing when & where absolutley necessary you can be assured of complete, confident and practical help in acheiving your health goals, feeling better about yourself in general & confident to move forward with a new sense of understanding about diet & wellness for the future.


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