Mum's N Bubs Program

Helpings mum's to feel better mentally, emotionally & physically for happier families


Transitioning to parenthood no matter what the route was for you can be no easy challenge!


Women have a fabulous baring quality about them often holding up the fort for everyone around them; while putting their own needs aside day after day.


As families & communities run on happy mums, we are dedicated to making you a happy healthy mum!


We have simple strategies to help you manage hormonal health & restore balance to your reproductive system and incorporate specialised techniques to help you reduce & manage stress; so you can really enjoy 


 to help you reduce & manage stress; so you can really enjoy life at your best.


Q. Did you know?


Progesterone effects a brain chemical called GABA that promotes feelings of relaxtion, calms you and helps you sleep? If you have lowered progesterone levels you'll feel more irritated, anxious & have disturbed sleep!



No matter what stage your at as a mum we can help you feel better with some simple and effective stratagies such as;


Healthy Eating


Learn which foods support basic physiological needs & trouble shooting for vegans or vegetarians


Learn what foods to avoid that are contributing to weight gain, inflammation & poor digestion especially for you


Learn some simple ideas to help with those early morning off to school routines


and more....


Find out why you may be experiencing the following-


Mental & phsyical fatigue

Digestive issues

Hormonal Irregularites


Moods, stress & anxiety

Post Natal Depression

Poor Sleep



Hot Flushes




Weight Loss


Lose 2kg per week


Losing weight can be tricky due to many underlying factors; low self-esteem, childhood traumas, pain, lifestyle choices as well as poor dietary habits not to mention underlying metabolic dysfunction. Get the right advice with a holistic approach to your weight management, tackle those troubling thoughts & feel free. Are you ready to let go of that weight for the right reasons in a safe & supportive environment? We will help you.



Relationship problems


Its true that there is a fine line between love & hate; however if we are in it for the long hall we understand that all great stories have bumpy & sometimes dark chapters.


Recognising that these chapters are not the mark of a ruined family but a sign of growth and change is a good thing.


Your relationship is so important not only to you and your partner but the foundation for your family; creating strong, happy & healthy grounded children, great friends and a self assured united family with a common interest.



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