Kinesiology Services

Mood, Stress & Anxiety


Helping people to overcome emotional stressors & strains which hold them back whilst creating tension in their relationships is our passion.


Tension impacts the wider community not only the children, partners, family, friends or work colleges of those affected.


Many people have long suffered with PTSD, panic attacks, anxiety, exhaustion, fatigue, physical pain and a huge amount of self doubt/esteem issues & thus self sabotage from long-term subconscious stress. 


What we do to enable the healing process to occur is; listen, calm & diffuse a persons individual angst via muscle bio-feedback (kinesiology) which incorporates sound therapy, acupressure, neuro-vascular pulsing and neuro-lymphatic massage, whilst gently encouraging healthy eating & nourishment in addition to detecting and correcting nutrient depletion.


Sessions usually take 60-90mins to complete, they are very relaxing & sometimes emotional.


How often should I come?


Follow ups are required to completely alleviate or dramatically reduce symptoms; as a general rule a minimum of 3 sessions are required for each issue.


Physical Pain


Pain is one symptoms we simply cant ignore, it wakes us at night, reminds us when we move the wrong way or simply ensures are lives are left watching others and not participating in those joys others seem to take for granted.


If you resonate with these words then you are unfortunately accustomed to pain & require a solution!


Kinesiology muscle testing can detect, isolate and release physical pain from the body using advanced muscle biofeedback technique.


Acupressure formatting and incorporated knowlege of the acupoints & meridian system its use in allevating physiological pain is extremely affective.


If you suffer from back pain, slipped discs or prolapse, shoulder weakness, neck tension, poor posture, hip issues, sore wrists or any other types of pain or injuries then dont suffer in silence, give kinesiology a go & get back in the game.



Disorders & Illnesses


Long before a disease is detected something is impacting on our fragile biology, whether it is inflammation, imbalanced PH, chronic long-term stress or a genetic predisposition there are factors at play. 


What we generally treat however are the disease symptoms, seldom looking past those to see what the underlying issues are.


Fortunately there are alternate ways and methods of assessing the physical body to find out what those causative factors are and how we can alleviate them to bring back a state of wellbeing & equilibrium. 


Phenolic testing is part of the process of detection we use to access the needs & requirements of the physiological body.


Including  foods, chemicals, heavy metals, nutrients, essential fatty acids, bacteria, viruses, biofilms, hormones, enzymes and more.. 




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