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When stress takes its toll!

Sometimes life can throw us lemons more often then we'd like and this can tend to make a bad situation seem worse than it may be.


If you're finding it tricky to get on top of niggling feeling of anger/frustration or sadness dont be fooled into thinking your the only one and brush those feelings aside!


Stress and stress related illness is affecting men in most western countries at an alarming rate; increasing statistic show higher incidences of cardiovascular diease and poor lifestyle choices to self medicate/escape these pressures are taking their toll on men.


Fortunately there are solutions which are postive, constructive and more importantly have lasting effects to help reduce emotional stress & strains including physical pain, improve relationships, improve health, sleep and overall self-esteem.


Start on a fresh new path to better lifestyle choices for future long-term happiness now because we beleive life is too short to be unhappy and its NEVER to late to make things better, we just sometimes need alittle help once in a while. 


How does it work?


Firstly make a booking to get the conversation started; our 90min initial consult will explain all the details and gently uncover some answers for you.


We offer solutions for most everything you may present with and can cross refer to our in house lymphatic massage therapist for that extra needed bodywork; helping to release tired, painful and tight muscles.


Our Services include; musculoskeletal pain/injury management, weight issues, poor memory, poor libido, frequent urination or bladder concerns, depression, anger, panic attacks, anxiety, low self esteem, PTSD, digestive problems including constipation, bloating/excessive wind and distension as well as relationship counselling.


Our one on one sessions are set in a private, confidential & peaceful setting and always start with a cuppa tea!


So if you are wishing things were different hit that BOOK NOW button and make sure they change; for a postive, happier healther version of you into the future!


We are with you every step of the way :) 



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