Detox Packages

2-4-6 & 8 week cleanses

Specialised Detoxifications are available

All of our cleanses are specific to your individual needs; targeting-Liver & Kidney function-GUT microbiome-Heavy Metal cleansing & excess estrogen detoxifcation for a total overhaul & body reset. FEEL GOOD

Weight Loss Program

Lose 2kg per week

losing weight can be tricky due to many underlying factors; low self esteem, childhood traumas, pain, lifestyle choices as well as poor dietry habits not to mention underlying metabolic dysfunction. Get the right advice with a holistic approach to your weight managment, tackle those troubling thoughs & feel free. Are you ready to let go of that weight for the right reasons in a safe & supportive environment? We will help you.

Relationship Counselling

Enjoy each other again xxx

"Til death do us part" didn't sound so bad at the time? However years later if you find yourself questioning your actions, it might be time for some gentle intervention before things escalate. Sometimes we just need a holiday or a romantic dinner but for some that ship has sailed & it's time to ramp up the conversation.

Which ever stage you are at in your relationship, our gentle sessions help diffuse anger & give clarity to difficult situations allowing you to confidently move forward ease.


Managing more than moods, stress & anxiety.

Men's Support

Get your Mojo Back!

Want to improve energy, memory, sleep, mood, digestion & more...Get on top of pain & Inflammation & start living again?

Whether your a FIFO dad, office worker or a truck driver; we can all use a little TLC to get back on track from time to time.

Mum's N Bubs

Recovery Sessions

"Congratulations your a mum" no one can really tell us how our lives will change so dramatically & just how very tricky life can get after that first bundle of joy is placed in our arms!

For some its all smooth sailing & for others its more like a scary storm that never ends.

No matter what kind of voyage your on, we are here to help you get back on your feet emotionally, physically and mentally so you can relax & enjoy the ride.

Teenagers Support

Change for good, move forward with a new positive attitude, clarity & sense of calm.

 "Life is easy" said NO one ever! especially when your a teenager and life is pulling you in every different direction, mounting pressures seem endless and you just want to get away from the stress!

This scary situation can lead to sometimes dangerous coping mechanisms, negative outlooks & destructive behaviours but there are positive ways to improve your outlook & release that built up frustration!

Explore a New Era of Health


Nature has provided us with all the answers we just need to look in the right places.

Your Body Stress Solutions unique system helps to uncover underlying nutritional, physcial & emotional imbalances including heavy metal toxcities, nutritional deficiencies, gut microbiome dysregulation, chronic stress states as well as lifestyle & diet misunderstanding; which may be creating a state of ill-health in the body & mind.

Energetic Kinesiology

What we see, hear, feel and sense has a direct impact on our brains responses!

Kinesiology is a technique in which we can effectively talk to our brain via our muscle system; defusing stress & creating balance.

Student Mentoring

Naturopathic Tutoring

Students are required to complete specific amounts of hours in their training and thus we offer low cost sessions to the general public for new clients to fulfill these requirements.

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