Naturopathy is a distinct and complete system of health care which uses scientific & empirical evidence based practices to bring the body back into a state of wellness.


The extensive use of case-taking often uncovers illness long before it has become a diagnosable pathology and as such Naturopaths are prevention medicine specialists.


Naturopathic Practitioners use various modalities in their practice. 


At YOUR BODY we employ the healing qualites of:

  • Herbal & Nutritional medicine
  • Kinesiology muscle biofeedback
  • Flower essences
  • Dietary and lifestyle advice
  • Neuovascular pulsing
  • Neurolymphatic massage
  • Phenolic testing
  • Accupressure
  • Sound therapy
  • Specific physiological checks including iridology, toungue, hair and nail anlaysis.


Naturopaths are able to treat both acute and chronic conditions which is well suited to anyone at any age.


We will provide you with a Total Health Care Plan  which is specifically & individually designed for you.


Service is specifically targeted at physical, mental and emotional stress that is disrupting neurological pathways; by providing muscle biofeedback techniques, specific nutrients, detoxification protocols, acupressure, sound therapy and dietary changes.


Bringing the body back equilibrium and ensuring no matter what stage of life you are at, your body is functioning at its best.



 Treatment will be made up of a combination of strategies using naturopathic science based therapies including:


Nutritional Protocols

Dietary advice/changes

Stress relief techniques

Testing/Monitoring protocols

Functional Pathology

Detoxification protocols

Muscle Biofeedback Techniques



Employing these programs targets 


Acute & chronic disease

Allergies or intolerances

Anger management

Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia

Emotional pain; post-traumatic stress disorder

Post Natal Depression, Pre-natal Depression

Hormonal issues, Menopause, PCOS, PMS

Lack of direction, feeling stuck in life

Learning disorders, hyperactivity, poor attention

Low self-esteem

Physical pain

Poor body image

Poor coordination, balance issues

Reproductive problems, infertility, miscarriage

Stress i.e. job, community, family, chronic illness, grief


Total Health Care Plan

Your Body therapies are designed to locate and correct stress within the body which may be caused by poor diet, poor lifestyle habits, environmental toxins, acute or chronic illness or nutrient deficiencies and especially prevalent in our current lifestyles is mental and emotional stress; these have huge implications on our lifestyles, effecting our sleep, energy levels as well as our sense of belonging, self-esteem and confidence.


As these combinations of stress create ill health in our bodies Your Body Stress Solutions is dedicated to helping you find & maintain long term solutions; ensuring you are at your best.


Helping you develop a solid base line for YOUR HEALTH is one of our main priorities as you are then become in charge of your wellbeing; we can then show you how to maintain this sense of wellness for longevity & vitality throughout your life.


Treatments are a combination of Naturopathic science based therapies & incorporate energetic Kinesiology biofeedback to enhance, correct & balance your physical, mental & emotional wellbeing.


To ensure your Total Health Care Plan is effective & above all successful; we employ a 3 phase bookings structure which is specifically designed to allow the real time required to create your individual Plan based on real evidence & science.

  • Initial consultation                          @ 1 hour

This session is comprised of a 30mins Face to Face Fact Finding session between you & your practitioner and a Testing Phase, where we further investigate your health issues with specific testing or procedures which will help to further build your THCP by offering real evidence based findings.

  • Treatment Phase                             @30mins

In this stage we issue you with your Report of Findings (ROF) a showcase of your current health, your future goals and your individual Total Health Care Plan strategy all presented in a  professional portfolio for you to take home. From here we comence treatment which is now clear and concise; setting you off onto the right path back to health & vitality one step at a time.


Frequently asked questions;


Q. Why do I need a Total Health Care Plan?


A. Our plans showcase the specific areas of concern to your individual needs, this means you can get straight to work on fixing the causes of your symptoms, knowing with full confidence that your improving your health by dealing with the main issues immediatly.


Q. Cant you just give me some herbs or tablets when I see you the first visit?


A. Giving out supplements the first visit is possible and you may well require something for acute relief which of course we would ensure you had, however you will acheieve far more effective result that are long lasting if we first take a look at the whole picture we are presented with; which means we do not over looking any important key issues that you have underlying. 


Q. Ive heard that Natural Therapies are really expensive?


A. Natural Health products can be expensive, this is why a plan makes sense, you are able to budget and gain foresight into what you may require weeks in advance. Also becoming healthy now, will save you unnecessary medical bills and distress in the future.


Q. I dont think I can afford it?


A. We understand that money can be tight and will ensure we schedule appointments around you allowing you to continue treatment, utilise as much Food as Medicine as possible to bring your health back to equilibruim, include excerise and lifestyle advise to help you reduce your daily health costs, include tips and tricks to save you time/money at home and on the run.





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