How Kinesiology works?


What we see, hear, feel and sense has a direct impact on our brains responses!


Our greatest challenge is how we can reduce our stress responses in a fast paced changing world, when our brain is still hardwired for the relatively simple environments of our ancestors!


Kinesiology is a technique in which we can effectively talk to our brain via our muscle system; defusing stress & creating balance.


This relaxing technique allows the practitioner to detect & download stressors which are affecting our ability to make conscious rational decisions based on the messages we are receiving from our brain via our internal or external environment. 


Have you ever reacted in a certain way and aren't sure why you feel like or said a particular thing?


Do you wish you could change the way you think and feel about certain issues in your life but dont know how?


Do you want to feel loved, calm, at ease or more relaxed?


Do you find it hard to relate to others, trust or be confident in certain situations?


These emotions are common; they are our bodies way of avoiding what it percives to be dangerous.


"We cant change others, we can only change ourselves"


Would you like to overcome certain emotional blocks and feel less anxious, more light hearted, worthy, confident and safe?


Maybe you just want clarity for a new direction in life, new job or be interveiw ready?


Whatever your situation may be whether its the up and coming birth of a new baby, the death of a loved one, a new marriage/relationship, moving aboard or an illness which is causing you to feel, act or behave differently.


YOUR BODY has all the answers, it can make us or break us, depending on the circumstances.


"Know yourself healthy"


Learn to live life to its fullest, taking grounded confident steps forward to becoming that amazing person you know you are!

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