Natural Therapy Services


At YOUR BODY we offer a variety of specialised services within our Natural Therapies clinic to ensure you get the best possible care whilst helping you acheive to your health goals.


Specialised Detoxification Programs


5 Detox programs are available ranging from a basic two (2) week cleanse right through to a 10 week medical grade heavy metal or excess oestrogen cleanse. 



Energetic Kinesiology


Release negative neurological patterns; say goodbye to constant changeable moods, emotional outbursts, anxiety, panic attacks and stress.

Our gentle effective treatments can improve your state of mind quickly; whilst helping you understand and diffuse the cause of the stress which can lead to a general improvement in overall health and wellness.


Total Health Care Plan 



Combinations of stress caused by poor dietary habits, sedentary lifestyles, environmental toxins, acute or chronic illness or nutrient deficiencies and especially prevalent in our current lifestyles is mental and emotional stress create ill health in our bodies.

Your Body Stress Solutions is dedicated to helping you find & maintain long term stress solutions a detailed specialised program tailored for your individual health goals and requirements ensures each and every aspect of your health is taken into consideration and nothing is overlooked.  


Free Meditation classes 





As more people are trying to find a method of relaxing; meditation has become a new go to for a quick remedy to manage ongoing stress; these free online or group meditation classes enable you to learn simple techniques to cope with daily stress & help you become at peace, feel grounded, present and refreshed again.


Clinical Testing Services


YOUR BODY STRESS SOLUTIONS has a number of testing services available including in house clinical testing and functional pathology through Nutripath, Interclinical Labs and Clinipath.


Weight Loss Program


The specialised weightloss program we employ called "Shake it" has had huge success helping people shift up to 2kg per week safely, whilst maintaining muscle mass as well as feeling nutritionally satisfied.

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