Our easy to talk to Naturopathic Practitioner, Lauretta Peirce with over 10 years experience; will have your body balanced & working correctly again in no time with her simple easy to follow tricks of the trade.


Our dispensary of herbal medicines, practitioner only products and hand crafted items, will be provided to clients at no additional cost so they can maintain their health goals at all times.

Lauretta is also our Energetic Kinesiologist who's absolute passion is helping women to overcome the stressors and strains that life brings with it. 

Finding the cause, addressing the core issues & allowing you to move on leaving those heavy burdens behind so you can lead the life you really deserve.


In our clinic of natural wonders you will also find our Qualified Aromatherapist from My Balance Aromatherpies Cassandra Fisher whom I might add gives the most AMAZING Lymphatic Massage; leaving you completely relaxed, renewed & pain free.


Watch out for her very own hand crafted products that will be coming just around the corner!

Catering for all ages we are resolute on creating a natural, grounding space for you and your family to feel at peace in choosing a grounded decor of living plants, wooden furniture and aromatherapy throughout the premises, as well as adopting a recycled, reuse approach when and where possible.

We aim to stock unique products which are locally sourced & thus leave a low carbon footprint as well as play host to events such as meditation classes, raw food demonstrations and the like.

It is our greatest pleasure to help you continue on your journey to health and happiness by bringing the city of Bunbury a unique style of health care.

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