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Lauretta Peirce N.D has over 10 years’ experience in the Natural Health Industry; she is a registered member of the ANPA (Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association) & holds a Level 2 RSKP (Registered Specialist Kinesiologist membership) with the Australian Kinesiology Association.

Prior to her interest in the Natural Health Industry Lauretta worked in both private Dental/Medical practices as well as Government run Territory Health Services (Flying Dental Department) servicing the remote areas of East Arnhem Land, Northern Territory.

In 2000 Lauretta's passion for understanding health, nutrition and phsyiology was fuelled by commencing an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy at the well known Australian College of Natural Medicine. (Endeavour College) Brisbane QLD.

Many years later Lauretta's understanding of Health had taken a new angle, she realised that majority of people's complaints where closely related to there mental and emotional experiences and that stress was a major contributing factor in her approach to clients treatment plans; however there was something missing in her prescriptions; after experiencing an incredible change in her own life following a session with a kinesiologist Lauretta embarked on a 2 year Diploma of Energetic Kinesiology; this new and exciting modality has allowed her current knowledge of health and nutrition to include a deep understanding of neurology and open up a new era of wellness for clients, not only can these techniques correct deep stress states and/or habitual negative neurological patterns created by past experiances they can remove them all together.

Lauretta’s Naturopathic science based therapies, clinical testing & incorporated muscle biofeedback treatments are designed to detect, enhance, correct & balance; physical, mental & emotional wellbeing.

Together Lauretta's skills in recognising & correcting nutritional deficencies, use of specialised integrated heavy metal detoxification, GUT repair & muscle biofeedback techniques including acupressure & sound therapy create a unique skill set forging a new style of high quality health care.




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