Hi there,


I have always been intrigued with Natural health & Healing; as a young girl my mother was always looking for an natural alternative & unfortunately trying those alternatives on me! 


Many a time I recall slugging down some hideous viscous liquid she got from a healthstore to cure a cold (luckily things taste much better these days in comparison to the potent thick black throat elixars the corner store had in stock back in the 80s) or putting comfrey cream on my cuts and the ever popular aloe vera plant on sunburn to name but a few experiences; this kindly trait eventually lead my mother & I to India to find out more about the world of health & healing; to experience a part of the world in its raw unprocessed state; and boy was it real; we had the pleasure of visiting ayurvedic healers, markets brimming with beautiful garments & smells of pungent herbs; we stayed up late drinking boiled raw cows milk to help us sleep and nourish the brain, swam in the pristine waters of the river Ganges high up north nearing the foot of the mighty Hymalayas; what an Impact, what adventure!


As a young girl these experiences and some have taught me not only about the natural healing powers of nature but also how to communicate with other cultures, that we all have a part to play in this amazing world and I that above all I wanted my part in this incredible world to count!


It is true far to often that not everyone enjoys their job or chosen profession; however I can say that couldnt imagine doing anything else with my time, I really enjoy my job and it is my great pleasure to see your health improve, your skin to glow, your beautiful smile to sweep across your face & bare witness to that sparkle in your eye once again.


So cheers to health & happiness, get started on your own adventure today & "know yourself healthy"


Kind Regards,

Lauretta Peirce 


With over 10 years’ experience in the Natural Health Industry; Lauretta Peirce has been a registered member of the ANPA (Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association) since 2006.



Gaining a Level 5 RSKP (Registered Specialist Kinesiologist membership) with the AKA (Australian Kinesiology Association) from Perth WA's famous O'Neill Kinesiology College in 2017 Lauretta also has an Avanced Diploma in Nutrition, Western Herbal Medicine & Naturopathy with the Australian Institiution of Applied Science, Brisbane, QLD.



Your Body Naturopathic science based therapies, clinical testing & incorporated muscle biofeedback techniques are designed to detect, enhance, correct & balance; physical, mental & emotional wellbeing for longterm health & vitality.




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