Hello Beautiful Person;


It's such a pleasure to have you visit! 


I have always been intrigued with health & healing; ever since I was a very young girl, so I thought I'd share some of where my passion has come from, with you.


My mother was often looking for natural alternatives & unfortunately sometimes; ok! A lot of the time she would try those alternatives on me!


Many a time I recall slugging down some hideous viscous liquid she got from a health store to cure a cold or being covered in comfrey cream after I'd fallen off the good ole trampoline, as well as the ever popular soothing Aloe Vera plant for the hot Northern Territory sun.


These kindly traits eventually lead us both aboard to find out more about the world of health & healing; to experience a part of the world in its most raw unprocessed state!


Mighty India; it sure was real!


We had the pleasure of visiting amazing ayurvedic healers, markets brimming with beautiful hand crafted garments whilst enjoying the smells of pungent herbs & spices; as well as some not so good smells!


We stayed up late drinking raw cows milk brewed over a fire to nourish our brains & help us drift off to sleep after an adventure filled day swimming in the pristine waters of the river Ganges located high up north nearing the foot of the majestic Himalayas and offering flowers and flaoting candles to her as she wound her way through the country to nourish those living on her banks.


What an impact, what adventure!


These amazing experiences have taught me not only about the natural healing powers of nature but also how to communicate easily with other cultures;  I learnt that we all have a part to play in this amazing world and that above all I wanted my part in this incredible world to count!


It is true far too often that not everyone enjoys their job or chosen profession; however I can say that I couldnt imagine doing anything else with my time; it is my great pleasure to see your health improve, your skin to glow, your beautiful smile to sweep across your face & bare witness to that sparkle in your eye once again.

Our Ethos


All people are beautiful expressions of love who may have forgotten. Love is what will heal this world.


Your body knows everything about you, you just cant read all the signs all the time. Pain is one sign we cant ignore.


Fear is stored for the preservation of life; it sometimes hinders rather than helps, Letting go of fear will release stress from the body.


Your body adapts to your surroundings to keep you safe; changing your internal or external surrounds will change your body/mind/spirit.



With over 10 years’ experience in the Natural Health Industry; I have been a registered member of the ANPA (Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association) since 2006 after obtaining an Avanced Diploma in Nutrition, Western Herbal Medicine & Naturopathy with the Australian Institiution of Applied Science, Brisbane, QLD.


Furthering my studies with a Level 5 RSKP (Registered Specialist Kinesiologist membership) with the AKA (Australian Kinesiology Association) from Perth WA's famous O'Neill Kinesiology College in 2017.


Your Body Stress Solutions naturopathic science based therapies, clinical testing & incorporated muscle biofeedback techniques are designed to detect, enhance, correct & balance; physical, mental & emotional wellbeing for longterm health & vitality.


So cheers to health and happiness,

Get started on your own adventure today and 'know yourself healthy'.


Kind regards,


Lauretta Peirce



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